Welcome to our World

Some people say we live an “active lifestyle” … but isn’t life supposed to be active?

We’re fortunate to be able to travel the world; we’ve been to all seven continents. Our adventures include touring, sailing (we’re the crew), scuba diving, skiing and flying.

(Clockwise from left, above) We’ve climbed to Bhutan’s famous “Tiger’s Nest,” hung out with warriors in Papua New Guinea, and piloted our own Twin Comanche

(Clockwise from left, above) Bob rolling a MIG-29 over Russia! At the bottom of the world, Antarctica, and sailing (we’re the crew) in a 53′ yacht in the Adriatic Sea (Dalmation Islands).

(Above, left to right) Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland; Diana with friends at Cocos Island, Costa Rica.

We hope our adventures inspire you to get out there. Check out Departure Gate for video and stills of past adventures. Click on photo to view a slideshow, or use the search option in the Menu navigation at the top of each page. Be sure to check out Bob’s video of his “Everest,” piloting a MIG-29 fighter jet over Russia.

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