New chapter, new adventures

Thanks for visiting our refreshed website! We started it years ago so we could share photos and videos of our travels — intended mostly for friends … but if we can inspire anyone to explore our world, that’s great! We got our domain name through Network Solutions years ago, and they recently told us that we were one of the early registrants. How about that — we are pioneers!

K&DIf you’re interested, you can read a little bit About Us and our families.

We have just now turned to a new chapter in our life adventure — I retired! Yesterday was my last day at work. My teammates gave me the warmest multi-phase send-off EVER. I just hope that I helped them feel even a fraction as good as they made me feel.

So I’m only a few hours into not having working-schedule constraints. I can’t say that I have truly internalized that, but so far it feels pretty good. Next week, we’re leaving for a trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco — pretty excited about that! Neither of us has been to Spain or Morocco, and I was in Portugal when I was 11 … I’m sure my experience/perspective will be very different.

Just as we did for the recent trip to Russia, we will travel with one carry-on bag each. My strategy is that every single clothing item has to go with everything else … or it doesn’t go. I do write lists, and I always try on all the items — not only to make sure everything goes with everything else, but also to see what items I can leave home. 🙂

One of my “secrets” is a garment that I can wear many different ways. I’ve long been intrigued with “convertible” garments, only to be disappointed. But this garment — HipKnoTies (pronounced “hip-no-TIZE”) — is the real deal (not sponsored! I just love this product). At another time, I’ll share more tips about this, but here are some customer photos; you can see all the fun ways you can wear the garment (I’m in a number of these pics). I always have one with me on the airplane — super comfy if it gets chilly.

Thanks for visiting! — diana

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