The “Big Picture” in the French Alps

We recently returned from a terrific ski week in the French Alps — Les Arcs, to be specific. It’s an enormous ski area — in the photo below, can you see the chairlift in the center of the photo? It’s hard to see, but that just gives you a sense of the huge scale. And this is just one small section of Les Arcs.


This was our first trip with the Ski Club of Washington, D.C., and it was a very friendly group of 46. Ski conditions were very good — we even had a bluebird powder day after a day of snowfall.

Our group stayed at the all-inclusive Club Med Arcs Extreme, situated mid-mountain. For my taste/preference, I favor the smaller, family-run inns … vs. a large resort, such as this. I also prefer being situated in a historic town … and this hotel is in a modern resort area. From our hotel, we had an excellent view of nearby Mont Blanc, where we have skied twice before.

Check out Bob’s short video of this ski adventure:

And, of course, it’s France, so the food is amazing. The hot chocolate and croissant was one of my mid-morning treats. And let me tell you, that croissant was the real deal. By the way, ski week = guilt-free eating! One of the specialities of the Savoyard region is raclette, and I enjoyed it very much.

Here are some pics from some of our bluebird days on the mountain. In the larger photo, you can see Mont Blanc has an unusual halo cloud atop it!

And here’s a panorama photo, in which I tried to capture the vast area. And this is just one little piece of it!


Le ski — c’est magnifique! 

— diana

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