Powder Skiing at Jackson Hole

Powder day at Jackson Hole

We went to Jackson Hole for powder, and boy, we got it! We skied 3″ of fresh powder, on top of 468″ for the season. (The snow levels reminded us of our previous ski trip to Mammoth.) The historic town of Jackson is lively and full of character — for example, the downtown sidewalks are made of wood, just like the olden days. We very much enjoyed our stay at the historic Wort Hotel, originally built in 1941. And, when in Jackson, ya gotta sit on the saddle/bar stools at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

Just a few miles north of town is the National Elk Refuge, winter home to one of the largest elk herds on earth. We took a horse-drawn sleigh ride to view the elk — a winter safari! I learned that elk shed their antlers every year, thus explaining the many beautiful antler installations around town.

We also enjoyed a visit to the National Museum of Wildlife Art, located just across the road from the National Elk Refuge. A beautiful collection and well worth the visit. One large mural cleverly incorporates wildlife in the style of 40+ classic paintings — see if you can identify them all!

Here’s Bob short video of our adventure, with a few of our favorite still shots below (click any picture to view a slideshow). Oh, and the moose? We spotted the youngster just off the ski run.

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2 thoughts on “Powder Skiing at Jackson Hole

  1. Bob and Di. What a fabulous video that left me eager to return to one of our favorite places. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed our home state. Next trip, add a winter outing to Yellowstone. Stay in the historic Yellowstone Lodge. It’s magical. Hugs to both of you favorite folks. Sherri

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