Escape to Charleston

COVID-bound. Serious cabin fever. 17 degrees (F) at home. With a few sunny days in the forecast, we flew down to warmer weather in Charleston, S.C. As neither of us had ever visited there, it had long been on our list.

When we departed our home airport of Manassas, VA (KHEF) in March 2021, it was just 17 degrees! As we flew south, the air temperature at altitude started off about 14 degrees, and slooooooowly climbed. We cheered when the temp hit 22! (No worries, N8475Y has a heater.)

Like everyone else, we found Charleston charming. We loved the historic buildings and learning more of the city’s history. We stayed at the Andrew Pinckney Inn, right in the heart of the historic area, within walking distance or many wonderful places. I ate my weight in delicious shrimp & grits and fried oysters.

We visited historic Boone Hall Planation and Gardens, where we learned a lot about plantation life; they did a good job of explaining the important role of enslaved people. It’s one of the oldest continuously working plantations in the country. We learned about Gullah culture — I learned that “Kumbaya” came from the Gullah culture!

We had a delightful visit. We felt COVID-safe; everywhere we went had good COVID precautions in place. And although the city was lively, it did not feel crowded at all. The aerial view of Charleston is beautiful, which you can see in Bob’s short video. Watch the video to take a quick trip to Charleston with us!

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