Cuba Libre

Our most impulsive trip evah! Just five days before it departed, we booked a trip on the Azamara Journey for a 10-day cruise to/around Cuba — it was a great trip (Nov. 2018). Cuba’s history consists of many chapters, and we felt fortunate to visit at the beginning of this newest chapter. It’s easier now for Cubans to run small businesses, and we found lots of vibrant entrepreneurism, along with welcoming smiles. It’s clear how the Cubans have suffered, particularly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and life is still tough; they are still using food rations and wages are quite low.

Colonial architecture is lovely and the Cuban people couldn’t be more welcoming. In addition to visiting Havana, we also visited Cienfuegos on the southern shore (the only Cuba city founded by the French), and Santiago de Cuba to the east. This latter city is the birthplace of the revolution, and is next to Guantanamo Bay.

It is a lovely island, with rich history and warm people. It’s obvious why Ernest Hemingway spent 20+ years here! We look forward to what this next chapter holds for this island nation. View Bob’s short video, and see our favorite photos below.