Farewell, jet lag

I am finally recovered from the jet lag hangover of our last trip — five weeks from Dubai to Singapore.

We left hot-and-sweaty Singapore, flew 22 hours (flight time) back home, and landed in 14-degree temperature. That is 14 degrees Fahrenheit! It was a SHOCK. I was somewhat prepared for the frigid weather; Bob, not so much. We recovered from that as soon as we got into our warm home … but it took me two or three weeks to recover from jet lag. I have no great tips for this, but I will say that regular exercise helps.

Friends have asked what it’s like taking such a long trip, and if we were ready to come home. It was a wonderful trip — so many interesting things to see and experience — and Seabourn took excellent care of us. So it was the opposite of a hardship! But by the end of five weeks, I was ready to come home.

Spice section – Carrefours grocery store, Dubai

I find so many things interesting, wherever we are. For example, even the grocery stores are interesting — with different products and different presentations.

Preparing for a big trip is a lot of work … and coming home is a lot of work, too! Just working through the mountain of mail and laundry took us a couple of days. But, being retired, we aren’t worried about work email or work projects awaiting us. So that removes quite a bit of stress.

The advantage of traveling by cruise ship is that your hotel room travels with you. So unlike our Spain|Portugal|Morocco trip — where we were unpacking/packing every 1-2 days — we unpacked/packed only once. Not to mention that our floating hotel was awesome, with great service and dining.

But everything has pros and cons, and I would say that one “con” is that, on a cruise, you are only skimming the surface of the countries you are visiting. We landed at each port and spent maybe 8-10 hours at each one — only enough time to see a few highlights. Let me give one example. Several years ago, we spent one week touring Sri Lanka — which was amazing. So much history, culture and natural beauty! Yet we only had a very tiny glimpse of this at the port of Colombo.

But seeing even a little bit is better than not seeing it at all! As is the case with Bob’s short video of this trip, which merely skims the surface of all that we saw.

We are getting ready for a ski trip to Mammoth Mountain, California, where they have received more than 20 FEET of snow just in 2017 alone. The base is an incredible 300″ and they just got about 20″ last night. Powder, here we come!  — Diana

From Granada to Grenada

Granada - Plaza De Bib-rambla
Granada – Plaza De Bib-rambla

We have had a fun and busy schedule! About 2 weeks after my last day at work, we set off for a terrific trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. I had visited Portugal when I was 13, but aside from that long-ago trip, neither of us had been to any of these places. It was about time!

We enjoyed all three, which were completely different, even though they are relatively close to one another. I learned a lot about the history of the region — the Spanish Inquisition and the eviction/persecution of Jews and Muslims made me think, “can’t we all just get along?!” The Moorish history made for some gorgeous architecture and design.

I learned that Moorish gardens always have three elements — fragrance (flowers), water, and edibles (fruit). These elements, combined with beautiful tilework, etc., are gorgeous. Check out the trip page for some of my favorite photos. I thought the Real Alcazar (royal palace) of Sevilla was one of the highlights of the trip, as was the Alhambra in Granada. I also loved Obidos, Portugal, a charming old walled city.

The ancient Moroccan medinas in Fes and Marrakech were fascinating. Mostly (to me) because they are there — not for tourists — but for regular, everyday business. And have been doing business like that for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Throughout, we had great weather, and very yummy food. The famous Iberian ham is absolutely delicious and I ate it as often as possible. (See postscript below if you’re interested in my “secret” method of avoiding traveler’s stomach.)

About 2 weeks after we got back from this big touring trip, we packed up again and flew to Grenada, West Indies for a week of scuba diving at Sandals La Source. Very relaxing and it was nice to be able to laze around in a beautiful setting.

We’re back home now. I’m joking about having to get my own meals now, but it really is great to be home. We love traveling, and we love coming home.

— Diana

P.S. OK, so here’s the deal about me & traveler’s tummy. Until I discovered this “secret” method, I got traveler’s tummy 100% of the time. Every time I left the country. So in the last 20 years that I’ve been using this method, I have been TOTALLY FINE. And I’ve been in Egypt, India, China, Mexico, Turkey, Morocco … where other travelers have had tummy troubles.

So what’s the big secret? It’s so simple and it works for me. Every night that I am on the trip, I take a dose of Pepto Bismol — even if I am feeling totally fine. If I feel like my tummy’s going in the wrong direction, I pop another dose. Now that Pepto Bismol (actually I take a generic) is made in tablets and pills, it’s super easy. When I started this method, I had to take the yucky pink liquid.

That’s it. Super simple. And if you have a delicate tummy, it is TOTALLY worth trying. What do you have to lose? Not to be indelicate, but I will tell you that this method will stop you up a bit for the first few days … but it sorts itself out, and in my opinion, it’s way better than the alternative. Good luck!

New chapter, new adventures

Thanks for visiting our refreshed website! We started it years ago so we could share photos and videos of our travels — intended mostly for friends … but if we can inspire anyone to explore our world, that’s great! We got our domain name through Network Solutions years ago, and they recently told us that we were one of the early registrants. How about that — we are pioneers!

K&DIf you’re interested, you can read a little bit About Us and our families.

We have just now turned to a new chapter in our life adventure — I retired! Yesterday was my last day at work. My teammates gave me the warmest multi-phase send-off EVER. I just hope that I helped them feel even a fraction as good as they made me feel.

So I’m only a few hours into not having working-schedule constraints. I can’t say that I have truly internalized that, but so far it feels pretty good. Next week, we’re leaving for a trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco — pretty excited about that! Neither of us has been to Spain or Morocco, and I was in Portugal when I was 11 … I’m sure my experience/perspective will be very different.

Just as we did for the recent trip to Russia, we will travel with one carry-on bag each. My strategy is that every single clothing item has to go with everything else … or it doesn’t go. I do write lists, and I always try on all the items — not only to make sure everything goes with everything else, but also to see what items I can leave home. 🙂

One of my “secrets” is a garment that I can wear many different ways. I’ve long been intrigued with “convertible” garments, only to be disappointed. But this garment — HipKnoTies (pronounced “hip-no-TIZE”) — is the real deal (not sponsored! I just love this product). At another time, I’ll share more tips about this, but here are some customer photos; you can see all the fun ways you can wear the garment (I’m in a number of these pics). I always have one with me on the airplane — super comfy if it gets chilly.

Thanks for visiting! — diana