Our Piper Twin Comanche

She’s our pride and joy — N8475Y, a 1967 Twin Comanche. We bought her in 2015, and are enjoying exploring with her. Bob is a licensed pilot with 6,000+ hours of flying experience, including as a commercial airline pilot. He holds many licenses and a type-rating to fly the Boeing 737.

But nothing is as fun as tooling around in 75Y. A trip that might take 6 hours in a car is reduced to an hour-and-a-half flight. And no long security lines! We love flying somewhere for sightseeing and lunch — pilots have a joke about eating $100 hamburgers. In February 2017, we enjoyed a special excursion to New York City, flying below skyscrapers and circling Lady Liberty. Here’s a snapshot of that special flight:

In April 2017, we made a special pilgrimage to Kitty Hawk — where the Wright Brothers first accomplished heavier-than-air flight. We flew into the historic First Flight airstrip, which is part of the national monument park.