Our Piper Twin Comanche

She’s our pride and joy — N8475Y, a 1967 Twin Comanche. We bought her in 2015, and are enjoying exploring with her. Bob is a licensed pilot with 6,000+ hours of flying experience, including as a commercial airline pilot. He holds many licenses and a type-rating to fly the Boeing 737.

But nothing is as fun as tooling around in 75Y. A trip that might take 6 hours in a car is reduced to an hour-and-a-half flight. And no long security lines! We love flying somewhere for sightseeing and lunch — pilots have a joke about eating “$100 hamburgers.”

Pandemic update: Turns out, flying in a small airplane is ideal for a pandemic. No TSA lines, no lines at all. At some small airports, we self-fuel and sometimes don’t interact with anyone. It’s like taking a road trip … just a bit faster.

June 2021: Flight over the Blue Ridge Mountains to Asheville, NC. Read the story and watch Bob’s video below.

May 2021: Flight to and over beautiful Niagara Falls. Read the story & watch Bob’s video below.

March 2021: Charleston, SC had been on our list so we escaped the cold to visit this charming city. Read the story & watch Bob’s short video below:

Sept./Oct. 2020: Flying out West has been on our list for a long time — we finally did it! Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Leadville, Sedona, and more. Read the full story (with photos) and watch Bob’s short video here:

August 2020: We enjoyed a “crabby” visit to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Read the story and watch Bob’s short video:

July 2020: During the pandemic, 75Y is a safe way to get around. We escaped to the cool weather at Deep Creek Lake. Read the story and see the short video:

November 2018: We made our second aerial visit to the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River. Read the whole story and see the short video:

July 2018: We briefly entered America’s “Gilded Age” by visiting beautiful Newport, RI. The historic Mansions are eye-popping! See Bob’s short video below, and read more about it.

December 2017: We escaped the cold to fly down to Key West. Read the full story and view the short video below:

August 20-22, 2017: A very special adventure! We flew to the path of totality for the total eclipse of the sun. So memorable! See short video below and read the whole story, which also appeared in the Nov. 2017 issue of Comanche Flyer magazine.

August, 2017: We flew to Tangier Island, right in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. It’s a lovely town, very laid-back and like stepping back in time.

June, 2017: We made a fun, cross-country, multi-day trip from our home airport of Manassas, VA — first to Martha’s Vineyard, MA, then to Block Island, RI, and on to Montauk, NY. We loved the scenery, both from the air and on the ground — particularly the gingerbread houses!

In April 2017, we made a special pilgrimage to Kitty Hawk — where the Wright Brothers first accomplished heavier-than-air flight. We flew into the historic First Flight airstrip, which is part of the national monument park.

In February 2017, we made our first aerial excursion to New York City, flying below skyscrapers and circling Lady Liberty. Here’s a snapshot of that special flight:

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