Rwanda, Africa – Nov.2009

We visited the mountain gorillas of the Virunga Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda for two days. We were visiting with the “Hirwa” group, and as I was filming, Mom and Dad decided to put on a real show for us. WOW! Here is the result.
Our guide explained that it is very rear when gorillas mate in front of spectators. No kidding, just like homo sapiens.
The Silverbacks (group leaders), as the mature males are called, can reach 400+ pounds and can live to be 50 years old. Mountain gorillas subside mostly on stems, leaves and bamboo. Fortunately, poaching in Rwanda has been stopped a few years ago. Size of family groups can range from 5-46. Making eye contact with a Silverback gorilla from 15 feet in their natural habitat is really impossible to describe. It must be experienced! Priceless and unforgettable!