Historic Malta

Third time’s a charm! After two COVID-cancelled trips to Malta, we finally made it in Sept. 2021 … and were so glad we were able to visit this amazing country. After a week biking through Normandy and Brittany, we flew to Valletta, Malta for a 10-day visit.

We knew about the important role Malta played in the Middle Ages and in WWII, and we learned that Malta is also home to some of the world’s oldest surviving constructed buildings — they predate the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge! We stayed in the historic walled city of Valletta (stunning!) and visited many key spots around the main island, including Mdina, Malta’s original capital city. The ancient Neolithic temples and underground Hypogeum were real treats. We also ferried to the island of Gozo to visit the historic Cittadella. And we took the opportunity for a little wreck diving. The history, architecture, food, culture, people — so enjoyable and interesting.

Bob’s short video is below, along with some of our favorite photos. Click on any pic to view a slideshow.

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