Family Matters

We are blessed with a wonderful, warm, loving family — the Solymossys and the Suns. Though one family comes from Hungary and the other from China, we share strong family values of freedom and patriotism. Both families came to the U.S. to flee Communism and to live in freedom. We’re all proud to be U.S. citizens and we feel so fortunate to be here.

Here Come the Suns:

H.C. and Elizabeth Sun

Dr. H.C. Sun came to the U.S. in 1944 to pursue his graduate studies, having served as a secondary school principal. During WWII, he gained some notoriety when he led his students and teachers on a months-long trek inland to keep them safe from the fighting — and continuing to teach classes along the way. Dr. Sun taught at American University, the University of Maryland, Brigham Young University and retired from as Dean of the Graduate School at Hampton Institute (now University). He passed away in 1994 at the age of 90.

In college, Elizabeth was an athlete, winning medals in track. In the U.S., she worked as a commercial artist and later found her true passion as an artist. Elizabeth has been featured in a number of exhibits and one-woman shows; her specialty is landscape paintings of the Virginia countryside, worked primarily in acrylic or watercolor.  She is a former President of the Loudoun Sketch Club.

Elizabeth passed away peacefully, just shy of age 100. Diana’s sister Ming is an artist and published author; her partner Bill is a Cold War expert, published author and was awarded an Emmy for his documentary research.

Meet the Solymossys:

Alfred and Ruby Solymossy

Dr. Alfred Solymossy worked as an internal surgeon in Hungary and in the U.S. He retired as a Senior Officer of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at the age of 75. Dr. Solymossy passed away at the age of 100. Throughout his 90s, he enjoyed exercising and cruising at least twice a year. Watch a video of his workout routine at 95.
Ruby (our “Anya”) always had a warm smile for everyone. She was an amazing cook, famous for her pastries and Chicken Paprikas. She passed away in 2005.

The Solymossy family escaped with a single suitcase from Hungary in January 1957, after the Hungarian revolution was crushed by the Russian army. They arrived in October 1959 in La Jolla, California from Sao Paulo, Brazil (where Julie was born), after waiting for two years to get U.S. entry approval.

Solymossy family crest
Solymossy family crest

Bob’s sister Julie is also a licensed Private Pilot. She and her husband Mike retired from United Airlines, live in Florida, and enjoy traveling the world.