Voyage to Panama Canal

We had an opportunity to take a Seabourn cruise (March 2022) from Miami, to Central America and to Panama Canal. Bob had transited through the canal as a child (emigrating from Hungary, via Brazil, to the U.S.), and I had never been there. It was an excellent trip, with, of course, all the comforts that Seabourn provides.

Our itinerary took us from Miami to Cozumel (Mexico). From there, we traveled to Belize, where we visited the spectacular ancient Mayan city of Altun Ha. On to San Andres Island, which is off the coast of Nicaragua, but is part of Colombia. At Puerto Limon (Costa Rica), we enjoyed a visit to the tropical rainforest, including a unique treetop-level tram ride. Panama Canal is one of mankind’s most amazing engineering feats — we transited through the Gatun Locks, completed in 1914. To learn more, read David McCullough’s excellent book, Path Between the Seas. We enjoyed visiting old Panama City — we saw the ruins of what Captain Morgan (yes, the pirate) destroyed in 1691 and the charming colonial city. On the voyage back north, we stopped at Santo Tomas de Castilla (Guatemala), where we were wowed by Quirigua, a stunning ancient Mayan city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bob’s short video is below … and you can scroll down for some of our favorite snapshots from the trip. Click on any photo to start a slideshow. Thanks for watching!

For those curious about COVID — everyone aboard was required to be fully vaccinated, and to present a negative COVID test taken within 3 days of boarding. About 440 guests were aboard the ship, which has a capacity for 600.

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