Winterthur & Nemours Estates

How does the 1% live? Very well! We fly N8475Y up to Wilmington, DE to visit two of the many luxurious du Pont estates — Winterthur and Nemours.

While Winterthur is more famous, we both enjoyed Nemours a bit more. Winterthur was built as a museum, to showcase the extensive collections of H.F. du Pont … while Nemours was built by cousin A.I. du Pont as a (lavish) residence for his family. At Nemours, we saw the entertainment spaces, the living/bedroom spaces, and the staff areas — much larger and fancier than those shown on “Downton Abbey.”

The homes and gardens are lush and fabulous. A good peek at how the 1% lives! Bob’s short video is below, along with some of our snapshots. Click any photo to start a slideshow.

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